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  • Can we create our own Jax Pod instead of joining a class?
    Yes, you can form your own Jax Pod. Pods are private weekly lesson for a group of students. A host family books the weekly timeslot and gathers friends. This allows for you to pick the students and the number in your pod. Some families book the weekly pod lesson for two students to get extra attention. Others book the pod lesson and gather friends. Jax Pods have a limit of eight students WHY PRIVATE PODS? We listended to the community needs and most of you wanted to know who was in the class. This structure allows for you to control the people you are exposed to. We never invite somebody to join your private group lesson. If you want help adding students to your pod, please ask us. We often have families looking for a group.
  • What should my child wear?
    For our On-the-Go program, we do an active running warmup in grass. Please wear appropriate shoes. During stations, we take shoes off. Stretchy and comfortable, but not overly loose clothing is best. Your child does not need a special leotard. Pants with zippers/buttons should be avoided. We do a running warm up in grass so please wear appropriate shoes. Also, we recommend sun screen!
  • What is the advantage of doing Weekly Lessons?
    Single lessons are fantastic if you are looking to get a better feel of what we offer. We know your kids will love Jax and so will you. Weekly Lessons are best because kids need consistency and repetition. Also, spots will fill quickly because of the limited availability, so it is best to secure your favorite day and time. Oh yeah, did we mention you SAVE by doing Weekly Lessons. It is a no brainer.
  • Can we sign up for Weekly Lessons mid month? Are fees prorated?
    Yes! Registration is prorated based on when you join. Your Weekly Lesson tuition is calculated by the actual number of classes offered that month.
  • Are parents allowed to watch?
    Yes! We love to show parents what we do. And we may even require you to witness on skill growth days. For Studio Jax, we do limit families in the facility.
  • Do I have to stay to watch my child?
    If it's not parent participation, then you aren’t required to participate. Keep in mind we do ask that at least one parent is easily accessible on site at all times.
  • Should my child attend if they are sick?
    No, please refer to our COVID-19 questionnaire and know we take this very seriously.
  • My child missed a lesson, how do I book a make-up lesson?"
    We are not able to offer make ups for missed lessons. If we need to cancel because of weather, Jax works with families on how to make the class up either online or during a make up day. We do not allow students to just randomly join other groups for their lesson.
  • Does Jax welcome children with special needs?
    Of course! Our coaches always offer activity modifications so everyone can experience success and have fun. We will want to know about any special requests before the lesson begins - that way your coach can ensure your child thrives.
  • Can a friend or cousin join a class with my child?
    For sure, as long as the total number does not exceed the max number. Keep in mind, all participating children need a waiver signed before they participate.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    We are confident you will like our program. However, if you need to cancel your Weekly lessons for any reason, simply email us prior to the 15th of the month and we will ensure you are not billed for the next billing period. If you are part of a pod, then it is up to the host parent to try and arrange a replacement for you.
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